Our Story

Watching the impacts of COVID-19 on families, the homeless and many others, our hearts became very heavy. We wanted to take all of our business knowledge and put our minds together to find a way to give back. As we began to pray, more ideas came to mind about how we can create a business that would open people's hearts and mind. We knew we wanted to "Change the way people give".

As we studied, we learned about the seasons that produce wheat and harvest. The name Harvest Wheat comes from the notion, that there is plenty of harvest out there, but there are some tares that may appear to prevent the wheat from harvesting. In other words, all of us face challenges and trials in our lives, but those are the very circumstances that will help each one of us produce a future harvest. Even in those experiences that we can help others overcome adversity. Essentially, the wheat and tare must grow together. Lastly, we believe using available data as a resource to identify the greatest need, helps guide us in our development of food box solutions. It is all about getting real food to real people.



Our Vision 

Develop unique solutions that enrich lives and feed the soul.


Our Mission


Connecting worldwide partners to distribute our unique solutions across multiple networks to the end customer.


Our Strategic Approach

Strategic approach.jpg

We offer unique solutions that include efficiency, speed, uniqueness, and costs to meet your goals.

Meet the Leadership Team


Founder & CEO

I am  a strategic thinker is who is always looking for ways to

give back by utilizing my God-given talents to help others.

Marnie Harris the Founder and CEO of Harvest Wheat is based in Vancouver, Washington. In the beginning of March 2019, Marnie watched as the world wrestled with COVID-19 and the rise of food insecurity. After much prayer,

Marnie was deeply compelled to start the company as an effort to make a difference in helping to fight food insecurity. Furthermore, she believes that all nationalities should have equal rights and opportunity to access food to be healthy and be well nourished.

Marnie is grateful for the opportunity to help others and lead an innovative, creative and strategic team. Prior to Harvest Wheat, she received her MBA in General Management as well as a Masters in Education. Marnie has worked in a variety of corporations across the United States.



Chief Finance & Data Officer

Data is what creates unique opportunities to feed

more people. I am working to find them!

Brian Franshaw is the Chief Analytics Officer is based in Portland, Oregon. At Harvest Wheat, Brian leads the organization’s data analytics strategy while focusing on Customers, Product & Innovation.


Prior to Harvest Wheat, He received his MBA in finance and is working as a Business Analyst. During this time, the severity of the COVID 19 pandemic coupled with the social unrest ignited by the death of George Floyd, left him searching for opportunities to give back and make an impact on the lives of people of color. He’s thrilled to be a part of a team focused on making a difference and enriching the lives of those we touch. 

Chief Operations Officer
The greater our ability to build flexible and efficient operations, the more quickly we can reach those in need and provide them with the right support.

Kimberly Moore is based in Portland, OR. Harvest Wheat Kimberly leads the organizations operations, focusing on building agile and efficient processes that allow the organization to operate smoothly and effectively to serve our community.

Kimberly has always had a passion for making an impact in the lives of others, especially our underserved communities. Driven by her faith and desire to love and care for her neighbors, Kimberly, embraces the opportunity that Harvest Wheat gives us all little ripples of change that can have big impacts on the lives of others near and far, and on and on into the future. Kimberly, earned her MBA with a focus on supply chain and operations and have worked for various corporations and non-profit organization's in the US and abroad.

We believe  in  giving back  and creating 

business opportunities!